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Zniper Arrow Rest

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The ZNIPER REST arrow rest uses the low pressure of the arrow directly after the shot and through the use of strong magnets, the finger rest folds down quickly by itself. The arrow can then leave the bow without further pressure on the arrow rest finger.


  • Sturdy construction made of aluminum milled from CNC
  • Stable finger rest made of 1.5 mm stainless steel wire
  • Sits 90° to the arrow for no change in arrow height
  • Therefore, easier and more precise adjustment
  • The rest wire gets out of the trajectory of the arrow right after the release and does not bounce back. — the trajectory of the arrow will not be affected.
  • The rest does not put up resistance to the arrow, especially with a low grip —- the arrow does not bounce
  • The trajectory of the arrow improves significantly
  • Compared to rigid rests, the grip will move up, especially with short distances.
  • The incorrect overall tuning of the bow, especially the Tiller’s, can be identified immediately.

Package Includes

  • ZNIPER Rest, RH or LH
  • Replacement screws M3
  • Fixing screw 5/16 inch stainless steel
  • Tool Kit
  • Description
  • One Finger for the Field- and one Finger for the Indoor