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XS Wings 50mm Fluorescent Vanes

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50mm LOW
Best-selling recurve vanes were used by the majority of the XS Wings Olympic team in 2016. They are resistant to windy conditions and work best with a draw weight of 35-45 lbs for recreational archery and up to 50 lbs for competition. They can be even used on compound bows if the draw weight doesn't exceed 50 lbs.

50mm HIGH (NEW!)
50mm vanes offer the best compromise between 60mm high profile and 50mm low profile vanes. They forgive most and make the best-continued score within the recurve vanes category. They can be used by both compounds and recurve archers with draw weights between 45-55lbs.

Inside the package: 50 Xs Wings vanes | 4 spare vanes | 2 double-sided tapes | 2 lining tapes