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TruGlo Activator Single-Jaw BOA Release

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Offering dual-jaw performance with the simplicity of the single-jaw release, the TRUGLO® Activator Bow Release combines a torque-free design with a smooth release. The Activator's single jaw opens away from the shooter, giving bowhunters the smooth-operating advantages of a dual-jaw release. The 360° rotating head ensures there's no string torque for greater accuracy and smoother release on every shot. 

  • Quiet, fast, and accurate
  • Automatic/active spring trigger reset
  • Jaw opens away from the shooter for more comfort
  • Roller sear design for a smooth trigger pull with a crisp break
  • Adjustable trigger sensitivity
  • Micro-adjustable trigger travel
  • Precision stainless steel wear-free jaw
  • Uncompromising rock-solid connection system for ultra-precise length adjustments
  • Ergonomic hand and finger position
  • 360° rotating head eliminates string torque
  • Premium release strap for long-lasting comfort
  • Patented 

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