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Specialty Archery PXS Target Peep Aperture Kit

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The most advanced peep system in the archery industry, completely designed for ultimate accuracy.

Increase your apparent magnification by reducing your hole size. Select an aperture size that will fit tightly around the scope housing when looking through the peep at the scope while at full draw.

If you are using too large of an aperture, accuracy may suffer due to improper alignment of the scope and peep.

If you are using too small an aperture, you may lose some field of view of the scope lens and restrict the amount of light, making for a dim sight picture.

  • CST – Center String Technology – PXS Capture Aperture located on the center of bowstring – no L and R misses.
  • TAP – Tool-less Aperture Technology – Knurled Tool-less PXS Capture Aperture – eliminates the need for an aperture wrench.
  • PXS Target Peep Capture Apertures allow for easy removal of Clarifiers and Verifiers for cleaning.
  • If you use a 1 3/8”, or Versa² scope, try the 1/32”, 3/64”, or 1/16” Aperture.
  • If you use a 1 5/8” or the Versa² scope, try the 3/64”, 1/16”, or 3/32” Aperture.
  • If you use the Super D or Versa³ try the 3/32”, 1/8”, 5/32″ or 1/4″ Apertures.
    • NOTE: for larger scopes, you may also want to consider one of the PXL Hunter or Large Peep Housings.
  • Aperture Kit Includes:
    • PXS Target Capture Apertures.
      • #PXSA031 1/32″ PXS Target Peep Capture Aperture.
      • #PXSA047 3/64″ PXS Target Peep Capture Aperture.
      • #PXSA063 1/16″ PXS Target Peep Capture Aperture.
      • #PXSA094 3/32″ PXS Target Peep Capture Aperture.
      • #PXSA125 1/8″ PXS Target Peep Capture Aperture.
    • PXSCS Target Storage Case.