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Slick Trick Raptortrick X Crossbow Broadheads

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This new 100-grain mechanical crossbow broadhead has been designed specifically for the blazing-fast speeds of modern crossbows. Engineered to keep up with speeds in excess of 400 fps, the RaptorTrick X features a proprietary deployment system that won't open in flight. No matter how fast your crossbow is.

Deadly accuracy. Field point performance. All steel construction. 

  • Weight: 100 Grains
  • Blades: .035" Steel Blades
  • Ferrule: Stainless Steel
  • Tip: 4-Edge, Bone Splitting, Trocar Tip
  • Blade Lock: Stainless Steel Pin
  • Total Cut: 1" + 1" = 2"
  • Flight: Field Point
  • Sold as 3 Pack. Practice head included.