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Shibuya DX Plunger

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Shibuya DX Plunger is made of Stainless Steel Cylinder and Includes a friction-free Teflon tip as well as a long-lasting metal tip. The exclusive manufacturing process ensures a slick cylinder interior for smooth plunger tip movement.

Can be disassembled for maintenance with the spring tension locked. Recover your settings instantly simply by reassembling!m Repeatability is of utmost importance on Plungers, which require frequent maintenance.


  • 3 different strength springs included
  • includes 1.5mm and 2.5mm hex wrenches
  • Can be fastened even more securely with a SHIBUYA Plunger/Stabilizer spanner (sold separately)
  • Colors: Black, Silver, Blue, Red, Green
  • Size: 5/16-24 threads