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SF Optimo Plus Arrow Shafts

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SF Optimo Plus Arrow Shafts are made of 100% pure carbon, enhancing bare shaft toughness and low-hand shock with good speed. Standard diameter shaft made from high-quality carbon composite fibers. 


Item name: SF pure carbon arrow shaft
Color: Black
Material: pure carbon
Length: 30 inch
Spine: 500/600/700/800/900/1000
Size and Weight:
Spine 500: OD: 5.9 mm ID: 4.2 mm 15.9 g
Spine 600: OD: 5.74 mm ID: 4.2 mm 13.3 g
Spine 700: OD: 5.6 mm ID: 4.2 mm 12.5 g
Spine 800 : OD: 5.5mm ID: 4.2mm 11.7g
Spine 900: OD: 5.41mm ID: 4.2mm 10.6g