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OMP Carbon-Z 15" ILF Recurve Riser

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OMP's highest-end, build-your-own ILF. The Carbon-Z Riser is carved from a premium blend of padauk, hard maple, phenolic, carbon, and zebrawood composition that is 1/16″ cut past the center with a crowned arrow shelf at 15″ in length. The Carbon-Z ILF riser provides the same broad range of customization and tune-ability as the Sektor ILF with the added strength and styling of carbon. 


  • 15″ riser
  • Paduk, hard maple, phenolic, carbon,
    zebrawood construction makes the bow stronger
  • Unique carbon styling on the front and back of the riser
  • 1/16″ cut past center
  • Crowned arrow shelves
  • International limb fittings
  • Lateral limb alignment
  • Weight/tiller adjustment