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Hoyt Formula XD Riser

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Formula XD Riser

The sleek, elegant Formula XD is refined from the Olympic and World Championship-winning pedigree of previous-generation Hoyt recurve risers. The Formula XD is designed with a grip-to-limb pivot geometry that optimizes tuning when paired with a modern, high-performance recurve limb, eliminating unwanted vertical nock travel.

Formula XD RISER 25"

  • 2.76 lbs (riser weight)
  • 2.88 lbs (riser weight with Perfect Balance Weight System)
  • Riser Length - 25"
  • Riser Style - Original Earl Hoyt Geometry
  • Overall Length w/Short Limbs - 66"
  • Overall Length w/Medium Limbs - 68"
  • Overall Length w/Long Limbs - 70"
  • Limb Fitting System - Formula (ILF)