Please Note: that Special Order items can take longer than the estimated arrival time. It is dependant on the manufacturers lead times. Special orders can not be refunded as they are made to order. If you are looking for a specific product there may be alternate ways such as a colour change that speeds up this time line. It is best to call or email us, or wait patiently. Thank You!
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Elite V3 Mod Sets

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Elite’s 3rd generation of Versa Mods offers limitless customization. Easy sliding let-off adjustment allows archers the ability to fine-tune their holding weight anywhere within the 70-90% range. It has never been easier to adjust draw lengths precisely with ¼” draw length adjustment with the new V3 Mods

Compatible bows: OMNIA, ERA, VERDICT


Performance Mods are designed to maximize the energy being stored throughout the draw cycle. These Mods will deliver the highest speeds of the three and require the most energy to draw. The Performance Mods include an adjustable let-off with a range of 70% to a max of 90%.


Smooth Mods are designed with the traditional “Elite” feel. Smooth Mods are ideal for someone who is willing to give up a few FPS in exchange for an easy draw. The Smooth Mods include an adjustable let-off with a range of 70% to a max of 90%.

75% MODS

75% mods are designed to provide more valley at higher holding weights. By designing the mods to max out the let off at 75% we are able to deliver a more comfortable feel at full draw for those that want to increase their holding weight. The 75% Mods include an adjustable letoff with a range of 60% to a max of 75%.

Special Orders

Special order items are always given priority treatment. However, for most of the special orders, you can expect a turnaround time of 4 to 8 weeks depending on manufacturer lead times and pandemic-related backorders.

Some bows such as custom target bows and some high end bows may take longer due to being made-to-order from the manufacturer directly. Besides bows and some high end products, all other special orders are on regular stocking basis. In addition some left handed products like high end target equipment can also experience unforseen delays due to manufacturer batch production.

We does its utmost to meet these timelines but if any unforeseen issues arise we will do our best to resolve them in an expeditious manner.

Please note that we cannot refund or cancel the order once the order is placed with the manufacturer.