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CRUSH - Hybrid 26 Vanes

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“Crush With Lee & Tiffany” stars outdoor enthusiasts Lee and Tiffany Lakosky, a husband/wife team whose partnership begins in the home and extends to the woods of eastern Iowa and beyond.

Hybrid vanes feature the new Base Dynamics design to maximize the vane materials' dynamic stiffness once applied to the arrow as a result of the base to vane design in addition to AAE’s legendary stabilization ridges for the ultimate ease of fletching, durability, and performance.

Vane specs-

Length: 2.70″
Height: .50″
Grain Wt: 8.3
Tough material and instant adhesion
Industry-leading quality and colors
Factory-applied activator on base (No vane prep or primer pen needed)
Bright, visible colors
Excellent memory & durability
Available in:

Five Colors: Bright Green, White, Hot Pink, Yellow
Count Size: 40 pk