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Copper John Grave Dancer Sight (3-.029 Pins)

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Copper John Grave Dancer Sight 3 .029 Pins features Easy Glide Technology, which keeps the pin tracks from buggering up. Made with extra-long, ultra-protected fibers for a super-bright aiming point.
  • Precision CNC-machined aluminum
  • Pins line up on the same line/plane, eliminating a zig-zag appearance
  • Bright orange pin guard highlight for rapid pep alignment
  • Speed Gap Technology - zero pin gap leaving room to spare on even the fastest bows
  • EasyGlide Technology - force spreading pin and washer design eliminates damage from over-tightening
  • Shocktek PU coating for awesome vibration-dampening performance
  • Bubble level
  • Usable right or left-handed.