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Beiter Tri Liner Tool

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The Beiter Tri-Liner is used to mark the exact position of vanes (like e.g. Spin Wings, Kurly Vanes, Rite Flite Vanes) on arrow shafts up to 7,2mm (9/32") Nock-out-diameter.
With the Beiter Tri-Liner, it is easily possible to adjust the position of fletching in relation to the string and the distance to the end of the shaft. The included red Tabs are for the exact positioning of the fletching in length and distance to the nock. Additionally, they help to draw the line in the correct length.

  • It can be used for different Vane Lengths
  • For both right hand and left hand
  • Used to mark the exact vane location on your arrow shaft
  • Works great for spin wing-type vanes such as Spider, Kurly, and XS Wings