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Delta McKenzie Antelope Backyard 3D Target 34"x18"x16"

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You won’t regret adding the Antelope 3D Archery Target to your target collection. Part of the Backyard 3D Target Collection, the antelope is a smart choice for durability and economy. Designed for backyard shooting, this target is portable, including removal legs for easy transport.  A replaceable E-Z Flex Foam core helps to extend the life of the target, allowing you to replace it as often as needed, without buying a whole new target.  The E-Z Flex Foam core also allows for easy arrow pull, making this a target for all ages to enjoy.  Lifelike features, including white markings on the neck, belly, and tail, enrich your target practice experience. 


  • E-Z Flex Foam core
  • Replacement parts available: head, body, front legs, back legs, and core
  • Dimensions:  34"x18"x16"

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