Flex Technology

Soloflex full custom strings and cables

SoloFlex Full-Custom compound strings and cables are based on the original SoloFlex Custom strings and cables, going to the next level, not only adding options but also offering the most modern materials with a variety of original colors, which made each string a unique piece.

Dyneema(R) brand is property of DSM - Vectran (R) brand is property of Hoechst Celanese



When shoot under xtreme weather conditions, V.44 is the Carrera.99 version you need. Based on Dyneema SK99, a higher percentage of Vectran fiber for exceptional stability under low or high temperatures is added.



All-season, All-terrain material. When speed and stability count in a competition this is your choice. Based on Dyneema SK99 we add a small percentage of Vectran fiber for the perfect all-season setup.



When you want speed, this is your choice. Made out of pure Dyneema SK99, processed and coated in the EU under the highest standards.


Just the best aftermarket strings and cables for your crossbow. 

All strings and cables are made with Dyneema® SK75, in our DynaGen ™ version for the main thread, and in the EVO20 ™ twisted version for the loops serving.

The center protection is made with our proprietary newest product, CS28-XBOW™, a braided thread built with Dyneema® SK75 and Vectran®, increasing the durability of the center protection.


FLEX SUPRA - Custom Bowstrings Series for recurve bows are the next step in bowstring performance. Tight measurements, served under high tension for consistent, uniform response in your recurve bow and a distinctive touch of high-quality bowstrings, are standard on the Custom Series.
• Made out with Dyneema® fibers
• Length can be adjusted by adding or removing bowstring turns.
• Packed in a tube. Free String Keeper included.
• For use on all modern recurve, longbow, and competition bows.

FAST FLIGHT by Flex Archery ® 250 MTS

FAST FLIGHT BY FLEX ARCHERY® is the best fast flight type bowstrings you can find. Now we offer you the same filament material that the professionals use and make your own DIY fast flight bowstring projects. Made with original Dyneema ® SK75 fibers. Low creep and stretch. Color coated, waxed, and processed in Spain. Moderate-low waxed. Pay by meters, not by weight. Wax does not have the same price as fibers.?Spools of 250 meters. Enough to make 8 bowstrings for a 68" bow with 16 strands.


Every Flex Traditional Flemish string is made by hand by our experts in bowstring manufacturing. We have flemish bowstrings for all needs taking a wide variety of materials. From polyester DacroGen for the softest shoot, the kind with all types of bows, passing from DynaGen for solid rock string, and the all-new Carrera99®Hybrid. FLEX ARCHERY Flemish Carrera99®Hybrid bowstring is the ultimate for the traditional shoot. Speed, less shock, not stretch. CUSTOMIZE POSSIBILITIES: unique color combinations with more than 35 unique variegated colors. Flex ARCHERY not only makes the high-quality flemish strings, but also make the colors that you will love.


For use on all competition types of recurve bows with reinforced limb tips.
All bowstring models are served with proprietary braided thread.
Loops: Not over-served. Length can be adjusted by adding or removing string turns.
Packed in a tube. 1 string per tube.


• New design, optimal for making and repairing bowstrings and cables.
• Truly adjustable thread tensión, either the serving material is thin or thick.
• 3mm eye. No matter the serving diameter. Thin or thick. It will never go out.
• Separate Head, with rounded corners for operating comfortably.
• Ceramic Guide for extending the body support life.
• The rigid frame does not bend when winding.
• Independent spool/friction rotation discs.
• The Polished stainless steel tension axis makes thread transition super smooth.
• Stainless Steel axis. Super rigid reel support with one cone-end for easy spool assembly.
• Tension discs with different hardnesses. SOFT (blue) for thin serving materials, MEDIUM (red) for thin-medium, and GRAY for thick serving materials.
• Not serving damages when winding.
• Large Diameter knobs. More sensitive and precise adjustment of the thread tensión when winding.
• Compatible with American ( BCY and Brownell) and FLEX reels. Empty reels are available for re-winder thread materials.
• Multiple color combinations for quick and easy find.
• Free serving thread sample included.