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AAE Product Manuals


AAE’s Max Stealth vane offers the whisper quiet shape of our 2.6″ Elite Plastifletch vane with the durability and flexibility of our proprietary MAX material. The MAX Stealth also features the ultra-stable, air channeling “ribbed” design the MAX line is famous for. This combination results in an extremely quiet and accurate vane that every archer and crossbow hunter will appreciate.


AAE introduces the New Hybrid line of vanes featuring AAE’s revolutionary Base Dynamics technology. Every vane company on the planet assumes the vane base only functions to bond the vane to the arrow. Well, at AAE our research team decided to look deeper into the base/vane relationship and how the base could play a role in the dynamic performance of the vane once installed. After years of testing, we discovered that there is indeed a directly proportional effect on a vane's dynamic performance in flight and how the base and vane are designed resulting in Base Dynamics. All Hybrid vanes are manufactured using our industry-leading Plastifletch “Lick & Stick” material with a factory-applied activator. It features the new Base Dynamics design in addition to AAE’s legendary stabilization ridges for the ultimate ease of fletching, durability, and performance. The New Hybrid line of vanes comes in 16, 1.85 Shield, 2.0 Shield, 23, 26, 40, HP, and XB.


AAE teamed up with accomplished outdoorsman and Traditional archer Aron Snyder to create the first-ever Traditional archery vane that can be shot off the shelf while maintaining the same flight characteristics and impact point they are accustomed to with feathers. The new AAE TRAD vane allows Traditional archers the confidence to shoot a vane with the security of knowing wet or inclement weather will require ZERO maintenance or prep of their arrows resulting in longer and more successful hunts in the field. The TRAD vane is made from AAE’s proprietary “Lick and Stick” Plastifletch material for quick and easy fletching at home or in the field with no vane prep needed as the TRAD vane comes with a factory-applied activator. Available in: Three Sizes: 3″, 4″, and 5″


The Elite Plastifletch vanes are constructed with a tough material that features great memory with the same instant adhesion. Its textured surface allows the vanes to steer the arrow more efficiently, improving speed. The concave base has an applied activator to improve adhesion and arrow assembly. Tough material with great instant adhesion! World’s best quality and colors Glue activating base Bright, visible colors Excellent memory & durability. Available in: Five Sizes: 16, 23, 26, 40, or 50.


AAE’s latest breakthrough in vane material and technology. The WAV vane is designed to be very accurate, tough, and simple to install for the world-class recurve archer. Low profile for riser clearance, ultra-thin (.010 or .3 mm) and very durable. It measures 2.0″ in length, is 0.33″ high and weighs 1.7 grains. The WAV vane is already winning tournaments and world championships.


Pro Drop

The Pro Drop, the most accurate and stable limb-driven fall-away rest on the market, is now the most versatile as well. The Pro Drop can quickly and easily be converted from a limb-activated fall-away rest to a fixed blade rest in a matter of minutes. The Pro Drop’s stainless steel axle rotates on twin stainless steel sealed ball bearings for maximum accuracy, dependability, and longevity. The Launcher Arm stays up longer, increasing the time the arrow is on the rest which leads to more accuracy. The Pro Drop also features a shortened “Drop Time” allowing for maximum clearance.

The Whale Tail Launcher is a urethane over-molded spring steel launcher. The activation cord is coated with stainless steel to minimize stretching. AAE’s Limb Sandwich allows for upper or lower limb mounting. The Pro Drop is micro-adjustable both horizontally and vertically, making it easy to set up and tune. Included is our Launch Pad to deaden any arrow or rest noise.

Available in: Standard, Hoyt Tec, Extended, or Carbon Mounts. RH/LH


AAE’s Prophecy rest is a full-capture, fall-away rest designed for hunters and target shooters that expect the best in accuracy, consistency, and dependability. Built on AAE’s renowned Pro-Series frame, the Prophecy provides both vertical and horizontal micro-adjustment for ease of set-up and fine-tuning. Our proprietary trigger mechanism includes an integrated nanosecond delay allowing the rest to stay up longer while maintaining maximum clearance and minimal arrow noise. The stainless steel tolerance-fit axle rotates on twin stainless steel sealed ball bearings for ultimate strength and consistency. It also features a field-replaceable activation cord for ease of set-up and timing. The Prophecy’s internal mechanism does not cycle when letting down, reducing potential unwanted noise, and it has the longest-lasting mechanism in its class. 

Available in: Black or Red, RH/LH. Standard Mount.

Hawk Eye

The Hawk Eye is a full-capture, limb-driven fallaway rest. It features our flexible DOA launcher arm for increased accuracy. It has a dual bushing system with a precision ground axle and sliding launcher system for simple tuning. Included is AAE’s limb sandwich and Launch Pad for easy set-up and quiet shooting. The adjustable cage provides full arrow containment. A great rest at a great price.

Available in: RH/LH.

Pro Blade 

The Pro Blade Target Arrow Rest has been designed with the help of some of the top tournament compound shooters in the world. This rest has been built to meet their exacting standards for accuracy, durability, and ease of adjustment. Each Pro Blade has been CNC machined to very high tolerances. We believe our Pro Series frame is the finest platform for a target rest ever produced. Launcher blades included with the Pro Blade are the most common sizes and thicknesses used: Original length, standard width in .010” thickness (installed), and wide width in .012” thickness. Pro Blade components are Stainless Steel.

Available in: RH/LH. Standard Mount: Red, Black, Blue,

Pink, Green, Silver. Hoyt Tec mount: Black only.

Freak Blade

The Freak Blade utilizes AAE’s proprietary hex cut-out for precise launcher blade replacement. This blade is specifically designed for the skinniest of FITA arrows used for outdoor shooting. The arm length, width, and depth of the fork cut were tested and evaluated by Jesse and our team resulting in the most accurate launcher blade in the industry. The Standard Blade is the most versatile of all the launcher blades. The width allows for a wide range of arrow sizes while maintaining the fork length and depth of cut this blade has become famous for. This blade also utilizes AAE’s proprietary hex cut-out for precise launcher blade replacement.

The Wide Blade was created for use with large diameter indoor and 3D arrows. The wide blade maintains the proportional fork and depth of cut length while scaling up to support the largest of arrows. This blade also utilizes AAE’s proprietary hex cut-out for launcher blade replacement.

Driven CD & LD 

The Driven CD & LD Fall-Away arrow rests were designed to give bowhunters and target archers on a budget the tune-ability, vane clearance, and accuracy they demand in today's market. Built on the renowned Pro Series frame, vertical and horizontal adjustments with laser etched reference marks make tuning quick and easy with the confidence of knowing you can

set it and forget it. Available in: RH/LH

Lil’ Freakshow

The Lil’ Freakshow was created to offer the advantages of a full-capture rest with the accuracy of a launcher blade target rest at a price point every parent can afford.

The Lil’ Freakshow is the perfect target rest to get your child headed in the right direction. Featuring a dual bushing system and a precision ground axle, the Lil’ Freakshow now includes the Pro-Series blade holder to allow the beginner the ability to use AAE’s Pro-Series blades with the hex alignment system. The adjustable cage provides full arrow containment for safety.

Available in: RH/LH.


The Stinger Arrow Rest is designed to be an economical, precision arrow rest. It features a dual bushing system with precision ground axles and a sliding prong system for both accuracy and ease of adjustment.

Available in: RH/LH.


The Freakshow is the original arrow rest in this line of arrow rests. It utilizes Jesse "The Freak Show" Broadwater's unique torque tuning methodology and it comes in either an extended or standard mount. AAE's proprietary hex alignment launcher blade system is also featured allowing the archer to change out the blade without having to readjust their tune. The launcher arm rotates for the exact blade angle preferred. Laser-etched adjustment lines and oversized lock-down machine screws ensure adjustments are visible and the rest is secure. The Freakshow comes with two different original length launcher blades to help the elite target archer adjust for the perfect tune: standard width in .010" thickness (installed) and wide width in 12" thickness. Freakshow components are Stainless Steel. Standard or Extended Mount. The Freakshow is available in two models: the Standard Mount (1.645") or the Extended Mount (2.693"), which allows the rest to be set in the optimum position for torque tuning.

Launcher Styles: There are several launcher styles to help the elite target archer adjust for the perfect tune. All launcher blades are available separately. The Freak Launcher Blade was specifically designed through a collaboration between AAE's engineering team and Jesse Broadwater. This blade is specifically designed for the skinniest FITA arrow used for outdoor shooting.



The Advante-X is a micro- Diameter stabilizer designed to offer archers the advantage of a micro diameter .500 (1/2”) bar for additional wind reduction while weighing only 3.2 oz at 30-inches long including end caps. The Advante-X is made from high-modulus carbon for maximum stiffness. Archers looking to shoot more accurately in the wind while retaining the aiming characteristics and adjustability top archers have come to expect depending on the Advante-X.

For the archer looking to customize stabilizer logo color combinations to their other bow accessories, AAE includes five different laminated decals: Blue, Green, Pink, Red, and Tan. Front Bars include 3 ounces of weight. Back Bars have no weights included. The Advante-X uses HR stabilizer weights. Front Bar lengths: 27”, 30”, and 33”. Back Bar/Side Bar lengths: 10”, 12”, and 15”.


It is constructed from a custom blend of ultra stiff high-modulus carbon, making it the stiffest bar available. The bars have a small .700” O.D. that is as stiff as the top tournament bars available from AAE and have internal dampening for a smooth shot.
The Nitrous features AAE’s Hidden Weight System (HWS). Each Front Bar comes with a 1-ounce cap and a built-in 2-ounce internal weight located at the weight end. The standard 1-ounce black cap can hold two additional hidden brass weights, for a total of 5-ounces. The optional 4-ounce stainless steel cap increases the front weight capacity to 9-ounces without changing the O.D. of the bar. This greatly reduces the wind profile of the stabilizer. Optional end caps available to allow up to 22 ounces of total weight. Back Bars/Side Bars feature a larger diameter weight system incorporating a 6-ounce tapered weight that increases the leverage factor of the weights and maintains a smooth wind profile. Weights are sold separately.

Nitrous Specifications
Front Bar lengths: 27”, 30”, 33”, And an 18” Wind Bar.
• The Front Bar comes with a 2-oz insert weight and a 1-oz outer Black Cap that will hold up to two additional hidden weights.
• Other HWS components sold separately.
• Back Bar/Side Bar lengths: 10”, 12”, and 15”.
• Back Bar/Side Bar comes with one vibration ball.
• 1-oz, 3-oz, and 6-oz tapered weights sold separately in Stainless Steel, Black, Blue, Bright Green, Hot Pink, Neon Yellow, Orange, Purple, and Red, and Flat Black.

Pro Stock

The Pro Stock’s unique end cap allows the weights to be screwed on the outside of the end cap rather than to the end. The Pro Stock will accept up to 16-ounces on the end and comes equipped with two 2-oz. disc weights with 4-oz. weights being sold separately. The end cap weighs oz. and comes with three spacers (25 grains each) to ensure no matter how many disc weights the archer uses, the weights are always centralized at the end of the bar for maximum effectiveness.

Street Rod

The Street Rod stabilizer was specifically designed to allow archers to maximize their stabilization potential while remaining on a budget. The Street Rod features hi-modulus carbon with the fit and finishes AAE customers have come to expect. With a MAP price of $136.99, the Street Rod is the perfect stabilizer for youth and beginning archers.

Available in: Front Bars are 24”, 27”, and 30”. Back Bars/Side Bars are 10” and 12”.

Mountain Series 

The Mountain Series Stabilizer is designed as a hunter's stabilizer. This series of stabilizers is an ultra-light, micro diameter stabilizer to reduce wind drift while maintaining stiffness. They have a revolutionary internal vibration dampening material to kill residual frequencies before it reaches the bow. There is a 3-oz weight that comes on it. It is available in four different lengths: 8", 10", 12", and 15".

Western Hunter

AAE developed the Western Hunter to allow the hunter to balance the bow just like a tournament bow. A balanced bow reduces torque and makes for a more accurate shot. The Western Hunter comes with two carbon rods, 8” and 10”, 5-oz. of adjustable weights, one bracket, and two vibration-dampening balls. Available in: Black, RH/LH.


The New end cap incorporates LIMBSAVER technology to address vibration at its origin preventing unwanted feedback at the bow. The Conquer line comes packaged with five total ounces of weight. Additional weights can easily be added to customize the stabilization needs of every archer. Featuring a matte black finish with a camo-flamed logo, the Conquer line of stabilizers is a highly effective and stylish addition to any hunting bow.