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Last Chance Technology

Last Chance Archery's Finger System

Our patented finger system protects your bow like no other while being pressed inside LCA bow presses. With an LCA bow press, you will be applying pressure gently and evenly to the limb tips, eliminating the danger of bending your riser, while it applies the same pressure to your limbs that's used while drawing your bow shot for shot. This technology was far advanced for the time period which led to the patenting of this particular design with the US Patent and Trademark Office.
Patent #: 7,597,094 & 7,644,708
The entire LCA bow press line uses our patented finger system. A finger system that allows you to press any compound bow, exactly as if it's being drawn back. This means while your bow's being pressed, they'll be no extra pressure or strain on your limbs or your riser. It will only apply pressure, identical to the natural pressure, that comes from drawing the bow back from shot to shot.

Draw Stop Finger

   The LCA Draw Stop finger is a great tool, that comes with every bow press sold, for pressing your bows without removing the draw stop. When removing the draw stop off of any bow, you'll always risk reinstalling it in the wrong position. So by using the draw stop finger, in place of our standard finger on the side of your bow where the draw stop is located, you can safely press your bow while keeping the draw stop in place.