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Ragim Impala Bow

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Ragim Impala Bow 60" or 62"


This infallible and reliable bow is one of Ragim’s flagship products. It gives the archer a superior performance at a good price. The simply shaped riser is made of exotic woods layered in an attractive lamination. It’s compatible with two different limbs sizes, to construct a 60” or 62” bow. The Impala handle is equipped with inserts to install a sight, stabilizer and Berger button. 
The patented innovative Ragim Bow Tuning System allows the archer to easily adjust the limbs’ alignment. The available draw weights are 20lbs - 60lbs. 


Bow Length (AMO) Limb Length Riser Length    
60" 23" 19"  
62" 24" 19"
    • Dexterity: RH or LH
    • Limb Colour: Either Black Matte or Natural Wood Laminate (depending on draw weight and availability)
    • Equipped with sight, plunger and stabilizer bushings
    • Material: Kevazingo and walnut
    • Draw Weight: 20lbs - 60lbs