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OMP Mountaineer 2.0 Riser 19"

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OMP Mountaineer 2.0 Riser 19"


The OMP Mountaineer 2.0 riser is made of laminated oak, walnut, hard maple, and red wood. Intermediate to Advanced level recurve, developed for target archery and hunting. Integraded with weather proofed and UV/Protection laminate coats. The convenient 3 piece take-down design allows for ease of assembly and storage. Lightweight with a smooth slim grip design. Features heavy-duty aluminum limb pockets allowing Draw weight capability of 60lbs or less. Comes in RH and LH.


Bow Length Limb Length Riser Length   Limb Sizes Limb Length
60" Short 19"   Short   --> 23"
62" Medium 19"   Medium--> 24"
64" Long 19"   Long    --> 25"
  • Dexterity: RH or LH
  • Equipped with sight, plunger and stabilizer bushings
  • Material: Laminated Oak, walnut, hard maple, and red wood
  • Draw Weight Capability: 60lbs or less