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Pharos II ILF Recurve Bow

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Milaem Pharos II ILF Recurve Bow:


The Milaem Pharos II recurve bow is 60" AMO made of Maple Laminate limbs and a durable black anodized metal riser. The ILF system allows the archer to change limbs and weights easily, if ever wanting to increase in draw weight. Limb draw weights are from 30lbs - 60lbs in 5lbs increments. The limbs can come in matte black or wood grain laminate. The riser is a 17" made of 7075 Aviation Aluminum and features an interchangable rest plate for traditional / barebow shooting to olympic shooting. Features a comfortable wood grip that contours to both small and large hands. This riser has the capability of attaching a sight, stabilizers, plunger, and rest. As well extra side and back milled holes for attaching weights and counter balances. 

Bow Length Limb Length Riser Length   Limb Sizes Limb Length
60" Medium 17"   Short   --> 23"
        Medium--> 24"
        Long    --> 25"

Items List:

  • Riser either (17") Black
  • Limbs (24") either Matte black or Wood laminate
  • Dacron String with nock point