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Hoyt Helix Turbo Compound Bow

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Hoyt Helix Turbo Compound Bow

The Hoyt Helix Turbo was engineered for pure power and speed. The lower brace height and souped-up ZT Turbo Pro cam system on Hoyt's Turbo Series bows delivers maximum speed and kinetic energy. Used and special crafted for expert bow hunters looking to get the job done on the toughest animals. But speed is only half the story with this Helix compound, Hoyt uses its supreme shock pod and suppressing dampener technology to make the Helix the quietest quick shot that animals never saw coming. This Hoyt compound bow accommodates draw lengths of 26" to 30".


FPS (ATA) - 350
CAM - ZT Turbo Pro
DRAW LENGTH -26-28", 28-30"
Cam #1 - 26-28" Cam #2 - 28-30"
Mod 1A 26" Mod 2A 28"
Mod 1B 26.5" Mod 2B 28.5"
Mod 1C 27" Mod 2C 29"
Mod 1D 27.5" Mod 2D 29.5"
Mod 1E 28" Mod 2E 30"
DRAW WEIGHTS - 30-40#, 40-50#, 50-60#, 55-65#, 60-70#

Hoyt Dealer Policy

Archery Source is a Hoyt's dealer, which allows us to repair, service, and sell hoyt bows. As per Hoyt's policy archery shops can not ship current models of Hoyt compound bows to customers. Therefore, customers must pick up their bows at Archery Source Canada pro shop in Scarborough Toronto, Ontario. If you have any question on your hoyt product or you live in an area of Canada without a local bowshop contact us at (905) 744 - 7004, we may be able to help you.


ZT Pro Turbo Cam Technology

ZT Pro (Zero-Torque) Turbo Cam creates a balanced side-to-side load with the patent-pending Split-Cable System, eliminating the need for a flexible cable guard. This reduces cable-induced torque and lateral nock travel resulting in dead-center accuracy. The ZT Pro Turbo Cam is the fastest cam in our entire product line.

Adjustable Grip System

Patent-pending and exclusive to our REDWRX series, our all-new grip system adjusts left and right laterally for ultimate tuning and center shot alignment based on the different hand shapes and pressure points of individual shooters.

Xact Grip

Your first impression shooting a bow starts with the grip, and it doesn’t get any better than Hoyt’s X-Act grip. From the width and angle to the overall shape, the X-Act Grip practically holds your hand through the shot, making sure you have proper hand placement for a consistent shot time after time.

Riser Shock Pods

Hoyt Eclipse Compound Innovative Shock Pod Vibration Damping System kills vibration in the bow riser leaving you with a dead-in-hand shot and sweet, sweet silence.

Hoyt Rear Stabilizer Mount

No single bow setup is perfect for everyone. The key to accuracy is customizing your bow to your shot. Hoyt bows feature an integrated rear stabilizer mount so you can seamlessly balance your rig your way.

Stealth Shot Technology

Hoyt’s innovative and time-tested StealthShot™ string suppression system got upgraded with an all-new proprietary material to kill noise and vibration more than ever. In addition to crushing noise, the StealthShot also increases accuracy by providing for a cleaner, crisper release of the arrow from the string for a more forgiving shot.