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Grey Shadow ILF Bow

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Grey Shadow ILF Bow


The Grey Shadow is a 17" riser with a tradition fur rest for the arrow to fly with ease. This bow is for the instintive / barebow archer who aims purely by eye and without a sight. The ILF system allow the archer to change limbs and weights easily. Available Limb weights 20lbs to 60lbs. Limbs are a durable, matte black coated.


Bow Length Limb Length Riser Length   Limb Sizes Limb Length
58" Short 17"   Short   --> 23"
60" Medium 17"   Medium--> 24"
62" Long 17"   Long    --> 25"
    • Riser Colour: Grey and Black wood grain
    • Type of Archer: RH or LH
    • Material: Wood: Ash & Hickory
    • Draw Weight limb available: 20lbs - 60lbs (5lbs increments)
    • Comes with a Bow String