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Easton BowFire Arrows (Fletched w/Vanes) 6 or 12 Pack

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Easton BowFire Arrows (Fletched w/Vanes)

Fast and easy to tune, the high speed, lightweight, visually striking Bowfire brings the toughness of Easton carbon to a whole new level with our full-length graphic Bowfire. Bowfire standard diameter 8-32 components for compatibility with your favorite broadheads and nock systems. Bowfire features three sizes for an ideal hunting rigs tuning with most, Ignite your bowhunting passion with Bowfire


  • Pre-installed S Nock
  • CB inserts - Included
  • One-size SB Insert - Fits all shaft sizes
  • Detailed Graphic Overlay Carbon
  • Straightness:±.003"
  • Micro-smooth finish
  • Fletching: Blazer Vanes
  • Quantity: 6