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Cartel Fantom Olympic Bow Package

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Cartel Fantom Olympic Bow Package

Designed and manufactured in conjuction with the highly regarded Bow Korea company, the Cartel Fantom riser is an excellent intermediate level recurve riser with features rarely seen in other models at this price.

Produced with vacuum technology, the Fantom riser has a quality feel with an anti-slip synthetic grip and a range of shiny paint finishes. Following the smooth lines down towards the limb pockets brings the attention to the big selling point of the Fantom. The adjustable limb location block providing the adjustment for limb alignment is simple and easy to use and helps to give confidence at a critical stage in the archer's development.

The 25 inch Fantom riser weighs in at 1200g and features 5/16in threads for accepting pressure buttons plus stabilizers and top and bottom dampers.

Available in store in both RH and LH models various colour options.


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