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bSi Bob Smith Maxi-Cure™ Fletching Super Glue

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bSi Bob Smith Maxi-Cure™ Fletching Super Glue

Maxi-Cure™ extra thick archery fletching glue is the best for bonding of archery feathers and vanes to shafts. Originally used in the model assembly industry bob smith glue has only recently been used for the archery fletching hobby. Maxi-Cure™ is the best for bonding to Fibreglass, hardwood, metal and rubber/plastics better than any other hobby adhesive. For extra long lasting turnament quality fletching Maxi-Cure™ when used with INSTA-SET™, works better for filling voids missed in the glueing process. Along with being the strongest, MAXI-CURE™ is the least expensive option for the best results. This archery super glue dries within seconds and takes 24 hours to fully cure.

* This glue is so strong, it is highly recommended to buy the UN-CURE de-bonder to separate the glue from the shaft if needed. Scraping off fletching, often strips carbon from the shaft ruining the finish and perhaps the arrow as well. *

Available in 28ml (1oz) & 56ml (2oz)


  • Extra Thick Glue
  • Great for fletching arrows
  • Proven and tested with feathers, Bohning vanes, AAE vanes, Killer vanes and many more.
  • Dries within seconds