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Black Hunter Riser

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Black Hunter Riser 15


The Black Hunter Recurve & Longbow riser is made of oak and bamboo for flexibility and lightweight. Specially milled limbs to fit the riser without the need for limb pockets, creating a smooth subtle transition. Recreational barebow shooting and high draw weight capabilities. The convenient 3 piece take-down design, allows for ease of assembly and storage. Reinforced tips, and weather proofed/UV protected; built to last. Best of all, the riser can be fitted with both Recurve and Long bow Limbs. Can handle limbs of draw weight 60lbs or less.


Bow Length Type of Limbs  Riser Length      
60" Black Hunter Recurve Limbs 15"      
62" Black Hunter Longbow Limbs 15"      
    • Riser Dexterity: RH or LH
    • Limb Capability: Can take both long & recurve limbs. Limbs are not interchangeable with other company Limbs & LH / RH specific.
    • Material: Oak and bamboo
    • Colour: Green & Grey wood grain
    • Weather Proofing and UV protected.
    • Draw Weight Capability: 60lbs or less.