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APA Mamba Air TF LH - Black 60#

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APA Mamba Air TF

The Mamba Air TF is one of the best short bows on the market. With a brace height of 7", 28.5" axle to axle. The speed of this short bow is amazing. The Mamba Air has exclusive features and micro tune ability to make this bow a beast. The highly effecient MX Cams and Twin Flex limb technology will make for a smooth draw yet still keeping its speed. The Mamba Air TF is a perfect short bow for shooting from a stand or a blind


FPS (ATA) - 348
AXLE-TO-AXLE - 28.5"
DRAW LENGTH - 25-30" (1/2" adjustments)


Cam Lock System

APA’s innovative Cam Lock allows the average archer to replace strings or cables, make adjustments, install accessories and tune their bow without the need of a standard bow press.

Rotating Draw Stop (RDS cams)

APA’s Rotating Draw Stop (RDS) allows the archer to have a rock-solid back wall at any draw length or draw weight while still providing the highest level of performance. When combined with APA’s extremely efficient M1 Cam and Easy-Tune mods, it allows the archer to personalize, adjust and fine tune the feel of their bow at full draw. A true game changer!

Twin Flex Limbs

Until now traditional solid limbs stored energy only in the solid portion, leaving the forked end ridged. APA’s Twin Flex limbs are engineered to allow the forked section to flex, distributing the load amongst two separate working areas and enabling the storage of more energy. The Twin Flex limb raises performance, lowers physical weight, reduces decibel levels and smooths out the draw cycle while maintaining APA’s slim profile.

Micro Tune System

Micro adjust your APA Compound bow's cam lean by just 2 screws. this most efficient system allows all archers to perfect their tuning on the bow as the increase in draw weight is changed.