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Leather Embossed Tubular Back Quiver

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Leather Embossed Tubular Back Quiver

Acorp genuine grain leather back quiver is made of genuine leather cowhide. It is cross laced in leather cross stitching creating a seamed intricate design. This time staking technique presents a tubular designed back quiver capable of holding up to 36 arrows. this leather is weather treated allowing the quiver to wick away rain, making it the best outdoor quiver for barebow and traditional archers. The back quiver has a reinforced spiralled leather bottom base allowing for noise reduction and the ability to keep broad-head arrows in the arrow pouch. This traditional back quiver style has an easily adjustable punched strap to keep it harnessed to and properly fit each archer appropriately



ARROW TUBE SIZE: 15" long 10.5" diameter opening 

COLOURS: Burgundy, Natural, Dark Brown